North Shore Bank Demonstrates Commitment to Community with a $10K Donation to The Salem Pantry

PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS ( – Recognizing the critical role food pantries play in addressing hunger and supporting vulnerable populations, North Shore Bank is delighted to announce its contribution to The Salem Pantry’s mission of working collaboratively to empower the diverse local and regional communities by ensuring the essential right to convenient and reliable access to healthy food. The Bank recently made a 10,000 contribution to the pantry.

Kevin M. Tierney, Sr., North Shore Bank Chief Executive Officer said of the Bank’s contribution:

This donation aligns with our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact and fostering a stronger more resilient community.” He added, “We understand the importance of community support, especially during challenging times. We are honored to partner with The Salem Food Pantry in their efforts to alleviate hunger and enhance the well-being of our neighbors.

Robyn Burns, Executive Director of The Salem Pantry commented: 

End-of-year funding from North Shore Bank allowed The Salem Pantry to reach more vulnerable families during the holiday season than ever before. The gift provided for the purchase of fresh, healthy food and supported pantry operations to serve Salem and North Shore families.

The Salem Pantry provides the North Shore with convenient access to fresh, free, healthy food. Their innovative public pop-up pantries, home deliveries, and The Market offer an abundant selection of produce, proteins, spices, and dairy products. The pantry partners with local farmers and health organizations to nourish our community from the inside out. For more information on The Salem Pantry and how you can help, visit