Need a Quick Balance?

Your account balances will always be at your fingertips.

North Shore Bank's Balances feature allows you to get a quick snapshot of your accounts on your mobile phone — without having to log in to your account. Available on the mobile app, Balances allows you to designate as many or as few of your accounts as you would like to appear.

Registering is easy

Log into the mobile banking app and click on the avatar at the top right of the screen.
Select “Banking Services” from the dropdown menu.
Choose the “Manage Fast Balances” option.
Fill in the name you’d like associated with the device and click the “Enable Fast Balances” button.
Read through and accept the terms of the dislosure. to enable the device.
Designate the accounts to which you’d like access and then click “Submit” to complete the process. 
Illustration of Fast Balances feature on mobile phone

Accessing a Quick Balance

Open the mobile banking application. At the log-in screen, simply click on the small "Balances" icon at the bottom-left. This will uncover the accounts and current balances that you have made available for the Balances feature.
When finished viewing, simply click the arrow at the top left to return to the log-in screen. 

Illustration of how to view Balances on your mobile phone

Need Help?

If you have questions about the Balances feature, call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during regular operating hours – Monday-Friday, 8AM - 6PM) or stop in at any of our branches.