Foreign currency questions?

Is the Euro and GBP foreign currency exchange rate the same for all banks?

  • No, there is no single exchange rate for foreign currency. The rates quoted in the newspaper or online are index rates for the financial markets. 

Do you charge a fee?

  • Our Euro and GBP purchases are free for North Shore Bank customers, however there is a $10 handling fee for non-customers.

Can I sell Euros and GBP to the bank?

  • Yes, we'll exchange the Euros and Pounds that you originally purchased from us — up to your original purchase amount (but we do not accept foreign coins).

Can I use my credit card to purchase Euros and GBP?

  • No, we accept cash only for Euro and GBP purchases from non-NSB customers, and for NSB customers we accept either cash or a debit from their account.

What is the maximum amount of Euros and GBP I can buy?

  • There is no maximum for NSB customers (depending on the branches inventory).  Non-NSB customers may purchase up to $3,000 (USD) per day.

What is the minimum amount of Euros and GBP I can buy?

  • There is no minimum purchase amount required.