Online and Mobile Banking Account Alerts

Keep an eye on your finances with online account alerts

Managing your accounts is easy with online account alerts. Available to any online or mobile banking user, account alerts can help guard against fraudulent charges, costly accounting errors or even overdraft fees. These customizable notices can be set up with any account and can provide you with a variety of reminders, ranging from low-balance alerts to large withdrawal notices. Alerts are then sent to you via email whenever an event is triggered.

Below is a listing of the different account alerts that can be set up:
  • Any Account Activity Alert
  • Available Balance Below Limit
  • Available Balance Daily Snapshot
  • Card Alert
  • Current Balance Above Limit
  • Current Balance Below Limit
  • Insufficient Funds Charge Alert
  • Large Check Cleared Alert
  • Large Debit Card Purchase Posted
  • Large Electronic Check Posted
  • Large Electronic Deposit Posted
  • Large Withdrawal Posted
  • Return Available (ACH)
  • Secure Message Alert
  • Specific Check Cleared
  • Whitelist Alert (ACH)
To get started, just log into online banking. If you are using the Classic View, select the “Banking Service Center” on the top navigation bar and then click the “Create a New Alert” option under Account Services. If you are using the Chameleon View, click “More” from the top dropdown menu and then choose “Manage my Alerts” under the Alerts Menu. You’ll be able to scroll through the complete list of account alerts and create as few or as many as necessary.

  If you still have questions about setting up online account alerts, call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during regular business hours) or stop in at any of our branch locations.