Aimee Martin, Branch Manager of North Shore Bank’s Merrimac office recently met with Carol Traynor, Chairperson of the Merrimac Veterans Monument Committee, to present her with a check for $5,000. The bank’s donation will go towards the construction of a memorial that will honor the sacrifices made by United States servicemen and women.

When completed, the memorial will incorporate a kneeling soldier, a battlefield cross, and a six by ten-foot granite stone monument inscribed with:

“In memory of the men and women who served,
those who gave their lives, and the sacrifices of their families.”

Martin stated:

When we were approached to make a contribution to the new veteran’s memorial here in Merrimac, we were excited to be a part of such a wonderful community initiative.” She went on to say, “Our American veterans made sacrifices for our country, and this monument not only recognizes those sacrifices but it also represents our gratitude.

Traynor said of the bank’s generosity:

North Shore Bank has always stepped up for our community. This generous donation will greatly help towards achieving our goal.” She added, “The Merrimac Veterans Monument Committee thanks Aimee and the bank, and a bronze plaque will be placed at the memorial listing North Shore Bank as a substantial donor.

Recognizing the importance and history of the Church Street Training Field in Merrimac, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to place the memorial at this historic site. The monument will serve as a place of peace and reflection so that all who visit it will be reminded of the suffering endured by all who served.