PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS ( – North Shore Bank proudly announces its Headline sponsorship of The Cabot’s Big Night, cementing its commitment to supporting local arts and culture. As the $25,000 Headliner sponsor, the Bank underscores its dedication to fostering vibrant communities and enhancing the cultural landscape. 
This year's event, being held on Saturday, May 11th will bring together influential leaders and philanthropists to raise funds for the last phase of the theater’s capital improvement project. The Cabot, a historic venue renowned for its diverse programming, will be illuminated by North Shore Bank's generous contribution, elevating the entertainment experience for patrons and performers alike. This collaboration reflects the Bank's belief in the power of the arts to unite communities and enrich lives. 
We are thrilled to be the Headliner sponsor of The Cabot’s Big Night," said Kevin M. Tierney, Sr. Chief Executive Officer of North Shore Bank. "This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to support local initiatives that contribute to the vitality and cultural richness of the communities we serve.

The Cabot’s Big Night promises an unforgettable event, featuring a performance by acclaimed TV late night show host and admired stand-up comedian Jay Leno. North Shore Bank’s sponsorship highlights the institution’s dedication to making a positive impact on the communities it serves and aligning with initiatives that resonate with its customers. 

We are immensely grateful to North Shore Bank for their unwavering generosity and steadfast support of The Cabot and our vibrant community North of Boston," commented J Casey Soward, The Cabot Executive Director said of North Shore Bank’s support. "Their commitment to enhancing the cultural landscape and fostering community engagement has had a profound impact on our work. With their invaluable partnership, we have been able to create memorable experiences, promote the arts, renovate our historic venue, and contribute to the well-being of our community. The Bank's dedication to making a positive difference is truly commendable, and we look forward to continuing this meaningful collaboration for the betterment of our shared community. Thank you, North Shore Bank, for being a long-time pillar of support and a champion for local initiatives in our community.

About The Cabot
The Cabot Theatre is a North Shore treasure, a legacy of the visionary showmanship and architectural passion of the Ware Brothers. The theatre opened on December 8, 1920 as a dream palace for vaudeville and silent movies and it was hailed as “the most impressive auditorium of its size east of New York.” Known then as The Ware Theater, it shared a distinguished architectural pedigree, designed by the architects of Boston’s Athenaeum and Olympia Theater and Dorchester’s Strand Theater. For more information on The Cabot, visit