Change Is Simple - Jeans Day

Photograph of North Shore Bank's Jeans Day check presentation to Change Is Simple of Beverly.
(l to r) Change Is Simple Co-Founders Patrick and Lauren Belmonte, NSB's Kyle Perzanoski and Change Is Simple's Amy Holland Craftron

North Shore Bank recently presented Beverly based Change Is Simple with a $1,300 Jeans Day donation. The mission of Change Is Simple is to instill lifelong social and environmental responsibility through experiential learning that inspires action for healthy people, planet and community. Representatives from the bank visited their 5-Day Summer Program at Camp Paradise where the children explore and learn about current, relevant environmental topics from food to animals to renewable energy.
We are grateful to North Shore Bank for their support of our program. This funding supports a classroom of students during the upcoming school year to experience crucial climate change and sustainability education through Change is Simple.
- Patrick Belmonte, Co-Founder of Change Is Simple
Founded in 2011, Change Is Simple started in one classroom and has gone on to educate over 20,000 children. From the food we eat, to the energy we use and products we buy, each of our daily actions adds up to leave an impact on our world. Dozens of small changes can be made every day to live more sustainably. Change Is Simple has turned this into a supercharged STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program. They mobilize their team to elementary and middle schools, transforming classrooms into ecosystems and construction zones, kids into scientists and engineers. Kids use real-world science tools and project-based learning to create real-world impacts.  Led by college mentors and STEM professionals, their workshops and curriculum inspire children to achieve academic success and become participants in creating a healthier and more sustainable future.  For more information on Change Is Simple, visit