It's Mortgages as (un)Usual

In recent weeks we’ve received multiple inquiries asking if North Shore Bank is still offering mortgages and other loan types. Well the answer is a resounding yes. While there have been some adjustments made, our lenders are still here for all your home buying and refinancing needs.

A favorable rate environment 

We believe that during times like these, it’s important to look for a silver lining. In this case, that would be the great interest rate environment. Rates have fallen as much as 1% of late and even though there has been some tightening of guidelines and regulations, North Shore Bank is actively providing home purchase and refinancing options to customers throughout the area. In fact we’re thrilled to report that in recent weeks we’ve been able to help home owners buy new homes, save money, shorten their terms, or pull cash out at a much lower rate. Guess you could say we’re all about the “glass half full” mantra.

Your safety is our priority

We’re also very pleased to report that while the North Shore Bank mortgage team has been super dedicated to keeping everything business as usual, they’ve obviously added more safety precautions to their daily routines. By interacting with customers through our online application system, via telephone and email, they’ve been able to get the job done while ensuring that social distancing guidelines are always met.
Not only have our employees made changes to the way they work but our business partners have done the same. Bank attorneys have been getting very creative with the ways they are conducting mortgage closings. For instance, to prevent customers from coming into the office, some have set up ‘drive-by’ closings in their parking lots.
Of course we always want what’s best for our mortgage borrowers. So please remember, regardless of how they have to adapt our originators are always here to help.

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