Danvers Indoor Sports

Mark Mscisz of Classico LLC (left) with NSB VP & Commercial Lender Steve Pettengill  and Steve  Mscisz, Classico LLC
Mark Mscisz of Classico LLC (left) with NSB Senior Vice President and Commercial Lender Steve Pettengill  and Steve  Mscisz, Classico LLC

Our lenders are never afraid to play ball.

With over 160,000 square feet of indoor turf fields and all-sport courts, Danvers Indoor Sports has fast become the go-to destination for individuals, families, school systems, and area sports clubs. Located at 150 Andover Street in Danvers, the complex offers soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and even non-traditional sports like dodge ball.
We couldn’t be happier with the treatment that we’ve received from North Shore Bank. They embraced our vision right from the very beginning of the project and throughout the process they have been extremely flexible and responsive to our needs.
- Mark Mscisz | Classico, LLC

Originally built in 2011, within three years of its completion, the developers quickly recognized that demand for the facility was exceeding capacity and that by expanding they could not only increase field space but also offer educational and training programs for coaches and referees. North Shore Bank provided development financing to Classico LLC and MRS Management for both the first and second phases of the construction projects – the most recent consisting of a full-sized turf soccer field and four new all-sport courts.

For more information about Danvers Indoor Sports, visit danversindoorsports.com.

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