Bay Property Management

Image of NSB Commercial Real Estate Lender Peter Fenn and Bay Property Management

Brent McKenelley (left) of Bay Property Management and North Shore Bank Senior Vice President and Commercial Real Estate Lender Pete Fenn

Financing multi-stage construction projects . . . check.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer scale of the project now under construction at 177 North Main Street in Middleton. Sprawling 230,000 square feet across a hilltop adjacent to Route 114, when completed this development will include multiple buildings and provide both industrial and office space. Developed by Brent McKenelley, President of the Bay Property Management, this project is just the latest in a growing list of properties built by the company . . . in this case with assistance from North Shore Bank.

In the twenty years that I’ve worked with North Shore Bank, I’ve come to think of the relationship more like a partnership ... almost collaborative in nature. They really understand the building process and have always delivered the kind of thoughtful, personalized service that really makes them stand out.
- Brent McKenelley | Bay Property Management
In addition to Bay Property Management, Brent also operates Bay Custom Homes LLC — a company he founded two decades ago.  Offering a wide range of real estate development services, the company employs the latest design technology and green building practices. Bay Custom Homes has built countless residential properties and sub-divisions throughout the North Shore, most recently, the 55-lot subdivision known as Ridgewood Estates (also located in Middleton and financed by NSB).

We understand that each company’s situation and goals are different — to discuss the available options, contact us online or call a North Shore Bank Commercial Lender. You can even get a jump start on the process by downloading a commercial loan application or personal financial statement.