NuPath Inc. - Jeans Day

North Shore Bank presents $1,300 in Jeans Day dollars to NuPath Inc.

"Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of partnering with the wonderful folks at NuPath, Inc., who help people living with disabilities by safely and responsibly removing barriers so they can live more fulfilling lives." This sentiment was shared by North Shore Bank AVP and Commercial Lending Officer Reena Scott when reflecting on this Woburn-based non-profit. As a result of her endorsement, North Shore Bank employees designated NuPath to be the recipient of their February Jeans Day collections. Donating $5 each Friday for the right to wear jeans to work, NSB employees raised $1,300 during their month-long effort.

NuPath is a human services agency that helps people living with disabilities lead a fulfulling life in their community. A non-profit, 501(c)(3), the organization is dedicated to essential support services and innovative solutions. NuPath believes that raising expectations and increasing opportunity for people living with disabilities makes them more successful, their families stronger, and our communities better places to live.
NuPath is grateful for the generous donation and support from North Shore Bank, and expecially in the spirit with which the money was raised. The funds will go directly to support NuPath's mission.
- Bret Reily
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, NuPath Inc
Seen above (left to right) is Reena Scoot, North Shore Bank AVP and Commercial Lending Officer, Brett Reily, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at NuPath, Inc., and Dan Harrison, President and CEO at NuPath Inc.

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