Horizons for Homeless Children – Jeans Day

Photo of North Shore Bank presenting an $1,800 donation to Horizons for Homeless Children.

According to Horizons for Homeless Children, the shelter system in Massachusetts is primarily designed for adults, with staff focused on helping them reach self-sufficiency. Often, there is less support for the extensive needs of children experiencing homelessness. With the belief that playing is essential to healthy childhood development, and that every child has the right to play, Horizons created their Playspace Program.

To make play possible for children living in shelters across Massachusetts, Horizons' regional staff builds and maintains developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed, "kid-friendly" space and stocks them with books, toys, games, and arts materials. The Playspace provides the opportunity for children to have a safe place to play, use thier imaginations, heal from trauma, and just have fun.

Baily Toressi, a North Shore Bank teller, who also volunteers her time as a Playspace Activity Leader (PAL) at Horizons, recommended the organization as a recipient for the bank's Jeans Day program, and recently our staff visited with them to present a check for $1,800.
Community partners like North Shore Bank allow our Playspace Program to serve more than 1,300 children throughout Massachusetts. This donation will allow us to purchase supplies for our Playspaces including board games, puzzles, costumes, books, and all types of arts and crafts supplies.
- Leah Schenkel
Playspace Program and Volunteer Manager for the Northeast Region
Horizons for Homeless Children
Seen above (left to right) is Leah Schenkel, Playspace Program and Volunteer Manager at Horizons for Homeless Children's Northeast Region, and Aimee Martine, Branch Manager of North Shore Bank's Merrimac Office.

To learn more about Horizons for Homeless Children, visit www.horizonschildren.org, or call 978-557-2182.